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The market and demand are out there, are you ready to take advantage? 
  1. In 2010, hail storms caused nearly 10 billion in damage to homes across the United States. Still, in a 2013 report, it was stated that insurance claims from hail- storm damage increased 84% in 2012 from 2010. 

  2. In 2019 NDX expects to generate 15-20 million in sales. 2020 we expect to double that amount. While even the less dedicated sales representatives make good money ($75k - $125k/yr), an exceptional salesman can readily double that amount.

  3. You have an opportunity to work you way up and grow with the company. This should be very important to any young person joining the workforce. We have a path to upper management that is simple and achievable. 

What to expect



Our goal here at NDX is to provide each rep with the same amount of quality leads per month. We have a HUGE online presence and utilize telemarketing, mailers, door hangers. We also have access to unlimited data through Hail Trace. 


We offer our sales reps weekly pay as a bonus if they meet a monthly sales goal. This is backed by front and back end commissions. We pay you when you turn in a job, and again once its paid in full. Replacement of most asphalt shingle roofs takes about one day Whole process 30-40 days from time claim filed until NDX is paid in full. 

Latest Technology

Unlike many storm restoration companies throughout the nation, traditional ways of measuring, estimating and ordering material are unknown to our organization. NDX’s internal and field teams are equipped with a host of cloud based apps enabling streamlined accessibility, job tracking and lost data protection.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our labor for the entire life of the product we install. This is the strongest workmanship warranty in the industry. When out in the field completing with other companies for jobs, they can only match our value, not top it.