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-Project Manager / Sales Rep:
This job description will be different than most you will come across. The purpose is to emphasize the type of recruits we are searching for. My job as a recruiter is to carefully select new hires who possess the talent and work ethic that it takes to create success based on the history of this industry.
I have observed that about 85-90% of new recruits in this INDUSTRY fail. The other 10-15% find success. Why is this?
1. Most roofing companies will hire ANYONE
2. Most roofing companies have no training material or procedures
3. Most roofing companies have no set processes
4. Most roofing companies don’t pay their people
5. Most roofing companies don’t know how to handle insurance claims correctly
6. Most roofing companies don’t understand what it takes to make million dollar producers
7. Most roofing companies don’t understand how to utilize storms and markets

That is far from the case with our team here at NDX Roofing and Restoration Inc. We have a developed and proven training process that we guarantee. Once you glance at our systems and processes it will be impossible to deny that we have thought through all angles and details very carefully. This is important when picking a company to work for, after all its your lively hood!

When I was in college I would day dream about a job where I’m my own boss, make my own schedule, and actually get paid what my time and effort is worth. I always knew I was a valuable asset to anyone I worked for, but the $100-$200 a day I was bringing in wasn’t much. Then I found the roofing and restoration industry. I started working one month after graduation in Amarillo, Tx. I worked this market from June until December, grossing about $35,000, not so impressive… I was very fortunate to be trained by a top GM at that time. He was at the office every morning to teach me for about the first month of my time there. This has been the backbone to my sales career.

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After that GM left the company, then getting messed around on pay, and poor support from new management I packed up my bags and went home.

A couple months later I got a call from that’s same GM with news of another opportunity with a different company. I was immediately on board. Long story short I worked in Chicago, Kansas City, and Denver, and brought home almost $220,000 my first full year in the industry. I was quickly moved up the ladder to become the assistant GM of that company, and a few years later was running the company as the VP of sales.

After doing more than $13,000,000 in residential sales in 2016 I ventured to open my own company, NDX Roofing and Restoration Inc. I brought all my experience, training info, processes aboard and we are sky rocketing in 2017. Since I incorporated NDX Roofing and Restoration Inc. in September of 2014 and started paying insurance in 2015 and the BBB we now have an A+ rating and an insurance holder for over 3 years.

Now that you know the history of my career, and the heights that can be reached in this industry- we are in search of 3-4 guys who are AMBITIOUS and willing to learn. If you fit the required criteria and are willing to commit to a common goal with our team, you will make over $100,000 in your first year. I guarantee this.
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Please inquire to set up a phone interview. Qualified candidates will be asked in for a formal interview.
“Leadership is the lifting of a man’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a man’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a man’s personality beyond his normal limitations.” Peter Drucker

Neil Dove | CEO
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