Team Leader

Full Timeposition in Center Valley, PA

Responsibilities / Expectations: The Team Leader will act as the leadership of NDX Roof for the region and group of sales staff which its division operates within. The TL oversees the daily activities of the sales staff. It is the TL’s role to lead his staff to the goals set for this team. The TL is in charge of assistance in hiring and training of new sales staff, accompanying adjustments with sales staff and overall maintenance of the field operations. The TL is to ensure jobs are complete, profitable over 32% GP, legitimate, and the profit exceeds the liability for work.

II. Duties
The TL shall be the primary call for any of sales staff and delegate or respond accordingly. The LT shall always keep the company in mind when making decisions which will or can affect the profitability or liability of such decision. TL’s are authorized and responsible in repercussions in making decisions on the following:
Job Approval (of their reps)
Customer Discrepancies/Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction issues
Repairs and or Back Charges necessary
Hiring and Termination of Reps

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Aiding headquarters in securing necessary documentation, paperwork, and checklist items for approved jobs
Training of new representatives under the TL’s group
Any decision which the liability of the company is not in jeopardy or loss in profit will not occur
Accounts Receivables
Final Check on Crews for proper docs, insurance, and licensing
III. Expectations
The TL’s are expected to;
Be available for their reps at all times and at the storm location.
In the event the TL must be out of town for a period of time, the TL must provide his guys with an adequate sub TL which has been pre-approved by the President, CFO, or Operations Manager of NDX Roofing and Restoration Inc.
Know how each of their members is progressing throughout the week in sales, adjustments,
collections, and new prospecting
Hold Sales Meetings bi-weekly on Tuesdays/Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tuesdays shall be
designed to focus on sales practices, where at least one major hurdle is trained (not just lectured). Saturdays are to review weekly numbers, company housekeeping, training on any issue aside from sales (production orders, software/tech, invoicing, storm issues)
Hold Training Sessions with new members (this can/should be combined with other TL’s to benefit all new recruits
Let Executive Management know any liabilities to the company which may detrimentally affect the operation in the TL’s region
Always act in a professional manner both during work hours and after work hours. This includes social media as well as during personal leisure.
Set weekly goals for each member with Executive Management and review them with the member and Executive Management no less than monthly
Contribute at least $2,000,000 in gross sales annually to remain a TL.
Hire at least two reps per month. These reps will remain under your team during the 2018
Help their reps acquire & sign their first 10 jobs. This means knocking doors, meeting adjusters
and handing off to production manager to teach orders and logistical training. IV. Maintaining your position
TL must bring on at least a yearly average of 1 rep per month and adequately work to train and
retain his team. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT. The company must grow in order to demand the need for a consulting manager role. Failing to grow the company and your team will result in loss of
This is a leadership roll within our company.
Qualifications Preferred: (unqualified options below)
If applicant has sold 1 million dollars worth of roofing in the past they would be eligible for this position.
If applicant is currently managing a team for a different storm restoration company they would be eligible for this position.
If applicant can bring on a team and has roofing experience or management experience they would be eligible for this position.
Experience Requirements
Willing to Travel
Sold over 1 million in roofing in 1 calendar year
Able to recruit and train sales reps
Unqualified Candidates:
We understand that not everyone who would be the right fit for this position is going to come into the company qualified. We have a stepping stone plan focused on a short term sales goal to allow candidate to learn the business.