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Environmental Improvements Cut Costs and Help Feed the Hungry

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Every dollar counts when it comes to feeding the nearly one million people in southeast Texas who live without enough food to fuel a healthy life.  Recently, the Houston Food Bank, the largest food bank in the country, again turned to PGW Solutions to modernize its aging electrical system and transform the non-profit organization into a model of efficiency that is now better equipped to accomplish its core mission. 

PGW Solutions, a leader in operational efficiency, transforms businesses and other organizations by modernizing and optimizing existing utility systems. The company has worked with Houston Food Bank over the last five years and has made dramatic improvements by completing a facility-wide LED retrofit and also eliminating costly power quality issues. After installing their patented Voltage Recycling System, PGW Solutions eliminated all of the Houston Food Bank’s electrical blips and surges that previously caused compressors to go offline and caused various other expensive equipment failures. Whenever a company experiences a power loss, or abnormality can affect labor, safety, expenses, and downtime.  Not only were the power quality issues resolved, but the Voltage Recycling System lowered their overall electricity bill by 10 percent and reduced their CO2 emissions by 164 metric tons.

More recently, PGW Solutions donated a portion of the LED lights along with the labor to install them.  A complete facility-wide LED retrofit has saved the Houston Food Bank roughly 50 percent of its lighting electricity cost.  As Houston Food Bank President/ CEO Brian Greene said, “Our main Portwall facility is very large – 308,000 square feet – and uses a great deal of electricity between our offices, volunteer work areas, commercial kitchen, large refrigeration and freezer areas, and conference center, so our ability to reduce that cost means that we can provide even more meals to those in need in Greater Houston and the 18 counties in southeast Texas which we serve.  Thank you, PGW Solutions, for helping us to provide food for better lives.”  The company’s mission is to create a brighter future for businesses through environmentally conscious alternatives that will help to achieve ESG goals while reducing utility costs.

With hundreds of projects under its belt, PGW Solutions has helped customers save millions of dollars through the application of custom, unique solutions.  The company has provided support to businesses ranging from local factories in Texas to nationwide chains varying in size, industry, and product. 

As part of an ongoing partnership, PGW Solutions created the program, “Food for Better Lives.”  The program allows PGW Solutions and its customers to make donations directly to the Houston Food Bank, where every dollar donated provides three meals.  “It’s always a pleasure working with the Houston Food Bank,” PGW founder Bobby LeMaire said, “and it’s a great feeling knowing that PGW Solutions is helping to provide more meals every day to our great city.”

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